Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

eco friendly cleaning productsAre your current cleaning products giving you a headache? Why clean with toxic chemicals? The natural ingredients in these cleaning products leave your surfaces gleaming clean with beautiful natural scents. The consequences of using chemical cleaning products are well known, from drying out hands to stinging, burning eyes. It’s also particularly hazardous to have around children if they can get into it.

What’s the solution? These eco friendly cleaning products are made with all natural ingredients that won’t harm you or the environment. Each spray bottle is reusable and recyclable. Concentrate refill containers are available which use far less materials and transport energy, making them a green choice for the planet and our children’s future.

The ingredients in these cleaning products use the wonderful, tantalizing properties of essential oils to fragrance and help clean and disinfect. The unique combination of saponified organic oils of coconut, jojoba, aloe vera, and rosemary extract provide an amazing scent that is tough on kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Natural disinfecting and deodorizing ingredients are then carefully added to the base in just the right quantities to form the ultimate in eco friendly cleaning products.

Not only are these products not tested on animals, but they’ve already taken the thought into consideration of how they will affect the environment. The spray bottles can be used time and time again, the soap dispensers are reusable, and most of the containers are refillable. That’s less trash thrown away, less transport energy used, and less chemicals in your home. The eco friendly cleaning products have refill pouches available which you can add to the bottle. You add your own water to the concentrate mix (which helps preserve fossil fuels).  The fact that you’ll be reusing the bottles also is a giant step towards conservation!

Say goodbye to those questionable big company, big chemical cleaners! Here are the eco friendly cleaning products sold at which you can find:

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