Natural Glass Cleaner

natural glass cleanerHow to Clean Your Home Without Ammonia: Eco Friendly, All Natural Glass Cleaner

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Ah yes, the smell of cleanliness… and ammonia? That pungent aroma (or maybe it’s putrid) of ammonia really stinks, and we shouldn’t be using it on our glass surfaces. As we touch glass surfaces after we wash them, we absorb ammonia into our skin and breathe it in as soon as it’s sprayed out.

Who cares, right? Well, ammonia has some horrible qualities that you should be concerned about. While taking a single whiff isn’t going to kill you, like any other strong chemical, repeated exposure is never good for you or for the environment.

The Dangers of Using Ammonia

Ammonia is used because of its ability to create a streak free shine. However, ammonia is also irritating to the skin and eyes. It is toxic to membranes and the digestive tract of humans. It is also highly dangerous when mixed with chlorine bleach, and isn’t safe to have around children. For people with allergies and skin irritations, it is a good idea to pass on using ammonia and use a natural glass cleaner.

Eco Friendly Glass Cleaner – with Easy Refills!

The eco friendly glass cleaner on this page is made from organic soap, vinegar, and essential oils. It will leave your glass streak free and spotless, perfect when using in conjunction with a clean reusable paper towel.

Like all of the products offered here, this is offered in a reusable bottle with refill pouches available for purchase. You supply the water and the concentrate mix is shipped to you, saving on transport energy (making it a much more eco friendly cleaning solution than most others!).

This glass cleaner is available in the amazing scents of  Peppermint Zinger and Citrus and Ginger. To purchase this natural glass cleaner, visit today and shop for products. There are also other eco friendly products available like reusable dryer sheets, spa quality organic lotions, and chic reusable shopping bags. Visit today!

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