Organic Household Cleaner

organic household cleanerWater safe surfaces will never have to be subjected to the harsh chemicals and chemical odor of traditional household cleaners ever again! These organic household cleaners made with a blend of essential oils and organic soaps that are combined to form a formidable, natural cleanser for your countertops, stove, kitchen surfaces, wood, stainless steel, sink, and even your childrens toys.

The saponification process is what sets this natural household cleaner apart from traditional household cleaners. The saponification process is one by which natural plant oils become pure soap when combined with alkaline water. Our organic soap is made using certified organic oils blended at precise temperatures with an alkali solution.

What’s the difference between this organic household cleaner and traditional cleaners? Most cleaners are made with an alkali solution that is made from running an electric current through salt water. In addition to that, the solution is added to other chemicals and surfactants that clean counters, but leave behind something else. What you’re doing is trading dirt for chemicals. With this natural cleaner, you’ll be using only essential oils and real soap (not the fake stuff!).

Why It’s Eco Friendly

This cleaner is a very eco friendly solution in addition to being better for you and your family (the less exposure to chemicals, the better!). Each bottle is shipped empty, with a concentrate bottle of the organic household cleaner in a sealed packet. This packet is then added to the bottle, along with water to the top. This way, no one will be wasting any water that is needlessly shipped in the process, and you can order handy refills to fill the bottle back up. Use it again and again, buy refills, and never worry about having to use traditional household chemical cleaners again.

What Do These NaturalĀ  Household Cleaners Smell Like?

This incredible cleaner comes in two amazing scents that will really make you appreciate the product. Once you’ve smelled these, it’s impossible to go back to the old stuff. The two scents are:

Peppermint Zinger – The clean, refreshing scent of the peppermint leaf with natural deodorizing and disinfectant properties. An amazing scent for your home.

Citrus and Ginger – Our unique blend of pink grapefruit, lemon, lime, mandarin, sweet orange and ginger essential oils, will fill your home with a bright, refreshing scent.

These same two scents are available for the organic bathroom cleaner, which also has refillable pouches for sale.

To purchase the organic household cleaner, visit to find this product along with many other eco friendly cleaning solutions, reusable products, and earth friendly gifts.

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