Reusable Dryer Sheets

reusable dryer sheetsDryer sheets seem like a convenient enough invention. Eliminate the static in your clothing when you put them in the clothes dryer, and maybe even have a nice scent on the clothing when it’s done drying. While the extra couple of dollars might not put you out much for dryer sheets, it’s the chemicals used in these sheets that are the true problem.

What Chemicals are in Dryer Sheets?

Dryer sheets are made to be scented, and they’re made to eliminate static. Chances are, if you went around asking people if they’d like chemicals on those dryer sheets that are found on the EPA’s hazardous waste list, they’d tell you “NO!”  However, most people don’t know they contain those chemicals, nor do they understand the repercussions of using them.


One chemical found in disposable dryer sheets that’s exceptionally dubious is Chloroform. This chemical is considered a carcinogen, so it’s a very possible suspect of causing cancer. In other forms, Chloroform can cause irritation and sores on the skin. Why use a product that can cause such damage on your skin?

Benzyl Acetate

The bad news isn’t over quite yet (sorry!). Dryer sheets also contain the chemical Benzyl Acetate. Like Chloroform, it is a carcinogen and potentially linked to cancer. Benzyl Acetate is a popular ingredient in fragrance items like perfume, but also in fragranced items like disposable dryer sheets. This smell can be attributed in part due to this chemical.

Why Are My Clothes Nice and Soft from Dryer Sheets?

These chemicals are also what make the clothing so “nice and soft” when they come out of the dryer. Ever wonder how that happens? It happens because the clothing is covered in small amounts of the chemical, leaving a light, waxy residue that feels smooth and soft. It also is one of the few things that will make synthetic clothing static free (since cotton clothing and other natural materials do not naturally produce static in the dryer).

Disposable Dryer Sheets are Bad for the Environment

When you throw away a piece of used up dryer sheets, your throwing away chemicals, paper, and other synthetic materials. These chemicals will eventually leech into the rest of the landfill, through to the ground soil, into rivers, and into our oceans. This winds up being ingested by animals like fish which we eat and other animals, as well as tainting our water supply. Also keep in mind the box they are packaged in, which is usually thrown away.

How Reusable Dryer Sheets Can Change Everything

Once upon a time, we didn’t clean our clothing with dryers and washers. We used clotheslines and pins and let the fresh air do its work. Today, we’re more focused on smelling nice and convenience. Truthfully, it can be really difficult to break that habit if you want to lead a greener lifestyle, so that’s where eco friendly products like the reusable dryer sheets come in. They have the same outcome as traditional sheets, yet they lack those chemicals and can be used over and over again. If you’d like to add scent, you can add a couple of drops of essential oils to them just before drying for a natural fragrance.

It doesn’t all have to be so wasteful, nor do we have to rely on chemicals to soften our clothing and eliminate static. The reusable dryer sheets offered at will help you make the switch to a chemical free version of what you’re already using at the same price.

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