Reusable Paper Towels

reusable paper towelsUsing reusable paper towels is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment and save money at the same time. The reusable paper towels offered at will not only help reduce the amount of trash you throw away, but prevent trees from logged to create towels.

The Cost Savings of Reusable Paper Towels

The cost savings of going reusable is also sizable. The average roll of paper towels costs between $1-2 ($2 for the premium quality rolls). The average person uses a roll per week in a household of four, but can often far exceed that. That’s a cost of over $100 annually on paper towels as a very conservative estimate. Reusable paper towels, on the other hand, cost very little in comparison. A pack of four (paperless) towels will be the equivalent of 17 rolls. At just around $1.87 per reusable paper towel, that’s less than a premium roll of Bounty. Now, use that towel 17 paper towel rolls worth, and you’re seeing a savings of around $32 per reusable paper towel! It only makes sense to make the switch.

The Impact of Paper Towels on the Environment

The impact on the environment of paper towels has been enormous. Before the invention of the paper towel, we didn’t have disposable pieces of paper to wipe down our surfaces.

The paper towel has been around for so long that people have actually forgot about what they are doing when they use a paper towel. Every time you use a piece, you’re using a large part of a tree. Just a single roll of paper towels can be one or two entire trees. Think of your paper towel use over a lifetime and how much the equivalent is! It could reasonably be the size of a favorite forest near your home.

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