Soap Nuts

soap nutsWhen someone first hears about soap nuts, they are met with a reaction. It could be disbelief, it could be skepticism, it could be enthusiasm. People are naturally a little bit hesitant to replace the laundry detergent that they had been using for decades with something that is… well, a berry. How can a berry effectively clean clothing? Believe it or not, it can.

Traditional laundry detergent is very harsh. The chemicals in it not only wash the clothing, but leave the clothing feeling more worn and weathered after every wash, shortening the life expectancy of your clothes. These same chemicals are responsible for some hazardous outcomes on the environment. As much as we would like to think that our soap suds magically get whisked away to a land far, far away, they don’t. They wind up in our local rivers, streams, and oceans. As you probably guessed, that isn’t so good for wildlife, the food chain, or for our water supply.

For centuries, people have been washing their clothes with the sapindus berry. This tiny berry contains the a natural cleaning agent saponin, which is a great remove dirt and grime naturally. Yes, it does really work! What it may not work on are really heavy duty substances like motor oil or olive oil. It’s tough to remove those stains with anything, let alone soap nuts. If you do wind up staining your clothes, take it off as soon as you can and soak it in room temperature water to give the stain time to release. When it comes time to wash the clothing, you can use a natural stain remover and wash as you normally would.

Soap nuts are available in trial sizes if you’re still skeptical, or in full size boxes. Sapindus berries have a natural fabric softener, so you’ll no longer need that either. What you will notice is that your clothing will be lasting much longer and won’t wear out as soon. These are also perfect for people with skin allergies or that have easily irritated skin due to laundry detergent. You can also try the soap nuts detergent to wash your clothing. One more thing: soap nuts are reusable! If you use a cold wash, they can be used many times. That will save on your energy bill and on your cleaning supply costs.

To purchase these eco friendly soap nuts, head to today and grab a trial size, bottle of liquid soap nuts detergent, or a full size box. These make a great eco friendly gift, too.

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