Big Dipper Water Bottles

Big Dipper Water BottlesStainless steel is the only way to go when drinking your water on the go! Break your disposable water bottle habit with this cool Big Dipper Water Bottles in three different colors. They’re 100% recyclable and made from non-leaching 304 grade stainless steel (18/8). It also has no inner lining, so you won’t have to worry about chemicals getting into your water. The flat screw on cap makes it easy to clean and easy to drink. The curved body makes it easy to grip.

One of the best features of this bottle is the wide mouth, which surprisingly fits large ice cubes right into it. Perfect for anyone who enjoys an ice cold drink on their way out the door. The non slip mat bottom also provides a little extra protection from spillage.

water filterAlso sold separately are the sports top or micro filter. The micro filter will allow you to drink lake, river, or stream water when you suck through the filter. Pretty neat! An excellent idea for hiking and camping. The filter lasts approximately 100 gallons, removing 99.9% of pollutants and contaminants.

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