Eco Cup

eco cupThe Eco Cup is an inventive way to cut down on your consumption of disposable cups, while still enjoying the convenience of a local cafe. Each one of these ceramic, reusable coffee cups comes with a tight silicone lid (which is BPA free and safe for drinking). It is also dishwasher safe.

How much will you save with the Eco Cup? That depends on the local cafes rules, but over time, it will pay for the cup! You’ll also be enjoying your cup in something much more sturdy than those flimsy paper cups.

Five Reasons to Start Using the Reusable Eco Cup:

  1. You’ll save money. Sure, it’s a small amount of money, but that adds up! Especially when you consider the prices of lattes and cappuccinos, this makes perfect sense.
  2. It’s sturdier for the car ride to work. Have you ever squeezed a paper cup full of hot liquid? The results are disastrous to say the least. Hot coffee, work clothes, a lap full of hot liquid, you do the math!
  3. Your drink will stay hotter longer. The last think you want when you step into work is a sip of tepid coffee to start your day.
  4. You’ll be using less paper (and plastic lids). This is a plus for the environment in anyone’s book. Less paper means less trees cut down, transported, and turned into cups.
  5. You won’t be exposed to the chemicals associated with paper products and plastic lids. Do yourself the favor and cut out the BPA, inks, phthalates, and other chemicals associated with disposable plastics and paper.

eco cup sleevesEco Cup Sleeves

In addition to this cup, you can find sleeves to go around the cup, just like the disposable cardboard ones (except these will last forever and can be used again and again).

This cup holds 12 ounces and is single walled. You’ll be amazed at the amount of compliments this cup will get you!

To purchase the Eco Cup or the reusable sleeves, visit today and shop for products. You can also find reusable paper towels, dryer sheets, and bamboo utensils, as well as eco friendly gift ideas!

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