Reusable Bamboo Utensils

Go Green at Work with Renewable Bamboo Utensils!

reusable bamboo utensils silverwareBring lunch to work. Get some disposable utensils. Throw away. Repeat. Imagine the disposable utensils that would be piling up over years of doing this? And, imagine the chemicals that are in plastic silverware?

It never feels good to eat with a plastic fork, knife, or spoon. They’re flimsy, they make a mess (try cutting a piece of meat with a plastic knife – it’s virtually impossible to make a mess!), and they are horrible for the environment. Who knows what types of chemicals are also inside the plastic, waiting to leech into your food.

The perfect solution is to use bamboo wood instead of plastic.  It’s reusable, sturdy, and renewable. No more wasting forks, knives, and spoons, and more fumbling around with hard to use forks that won’t pick up food. These bamboo utensils are also contained in an organic cotton, locally sewn wrap to keep your utensils in (and use as a napkin if you’re inclined!).

Why Not Just Use Regular Plastic?

Plastic never breaks down. To fuel the machines that make plastic, fossil fuels are used. More plastic is used to package the plastics, then it its thrown away after a single use. Afterwards, the plastic sits… and sits… and sits. Sure, it might snap apart and break down into smaller pieces, but it never truly goes away.

These make the perfect gift idea for anyone that’s concerned about the environment, or anyone that wants something a little sturdier to eat their lunch with at work, school, or on the go. Keep a set in your bag so you’re always prepared!

To purchase these reusable bamboo utensils, visit today and shop for products. Along with this set, you’ll also find reusable dryer sheets, spa quality organic lotions, and other earth friendly gift ideas.

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