Stylish Reusable Shopping Bags

stylish reusable shopping bags
The dilemma of having your reusable bags on you wherever you go has been solved! These stylish reusable shopping bags act as a two in one for shopping trips and for going out. They’re stylish enough for the mall, yet durable enough and well suited for groceries. Each bag will hold roughly 2-3 times the amount of a normal plastic bag. Made of waterproof nylon, these sturdy totes are the perfect way to look great while carrying something that’s the perfect reusable option for your shopping trips (don’t forget the mall, either). On the way to the beach or sports practice? These are ideal for that, too.

Bag Dimensions

The dimensions of this bag are approximately 25″ x 19″ x 4″ with the pouch dimensions of 5″ x 7″. It also has long enough handles to be carried by shoulder or by hand. If you get it dirty, it can be easily washed via a cold wash and line dried.

Reusable Styles

This bag comes in three beautiful styles: Spring Truffle, Petals on Parade, and Koi Pond.

spring bagSpring Truffle:

A set of three different dark brown print bag with stripes, hummingbirds, dandelions, fern, and Queen Anne’s Lace on the bag in blue and green colors. Cut down on your plastic bag waste and start going reusable more often!

flower petals bagPetals on Parade:

Bright pastel colors and florals make this cheery collection of three reusable bags the perfect set for summer. The fashionable appearance of these bags make it easy to want to go reusable! They make the perfect gift idea for the avid shopper, too.

koi bagKoi Pond:

Three different stunning koi designs featuring aqua blue and red colors all over, with aquatic life and florals abound. A very popular design for its graphic elements.

To purchase these reusable shopping bags, visit today! Each set comes in a set of three and are perfect to leave in the car or take with you on the go anywhere.

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