Reusable Stainless Steel Lunch Container

reusable stainelss steel lunch containerWhy bring your lunch to work in something that’s either disposable or has hazardous chemicals like BPA and phthalates? By using a reusable stainless steel lunch container, you’ll be able to keep your lunch better protected from being squished, and also avoid those nasty chemicals. These are perfect for kids lunches and for anyone that heads off to work every day and “brown bags” a lunch.

This stainless steel container is lead free, vinyl free, waste free, BPA free, and PVC free. The size of the container is perfect for one sandwich and a side.  Also included is a round container for yogurt, apple sauce, or other liquids. It also has a leak-proof lid.

High Quality Stainless Steel

Only the highest quality of stainless steel is used: 304   18/8 quality.

The ECO Lunchbox is made in Thailand with particular attention paid to environmental standards and high quality, which it has won awards for.

Dimensions: Large oval canister can hold 3 cups (700ml) and is 6.5”l by 5”w and 2”h. The small side can hold ¾ cup (200ml) liquid side with a leak-proof lid.

The container is also dishwasher safe, but easily cleaned with our organic dish soap as well.

Why Use Reusable Lunch Containers?

Every year, millions of pounds of packaging waste in the form of resealable plastic bags, brown bags, food packaging, and disposable utensils are used. The average elementary school student uses at least 45 pounds of packaging on bringing lunch to school (at a low estimate!). To curb the waste, why not switch to a reusable container that doesn’t have the harmful chemicals on it anyway? It’s good for them, it’s good for the environment.

To purchase this reusable stainless steel lunch kit, head to today to shop for products like this one, as well as reusable bamboo utensils, spa quality organic lotions, and organic hand and dish soaps.

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