Help Save the Planet – April 2010

earthApril is a great time for going green, whether you already are involved in helping the planet, or if you’re considering taking a step in that direction. In April, we have Arbor Day and Earth Day, two gigantic celebrations to honor the Earth. The planet deserves our respect, so why not show your gratitude by treating it right? Here’s the April 2010 Green Tip of the Day archive, which had a number of green tips to help you get started on your way to being green!

4/1/10 Green Tip of the Day: When you purchase a new comforter or something that comes in a zippered or snap plastic bag, keep the bag for storage of other items you will need to pack away!

4/2/10 Green Tip of the Day: When shopping be label aware – 3rd party certification is the strongest indicators of environmental stewardship. USDA organic, Food Alliance Certified, Marine Stewardship Council (for seafood), Rainforest Alliance Certified & Fair Trade Certified are very strong indicators of green practices. Don’t be fooled by any feel good claims made by manufacturers.

4/3/10 Green Tip of the Day: Now that the days are getting warmer, open the windows during the day to heat the house & when it starts to cool shut the windows to keep the natural warmth inside. A greener alternative to heat which will save money!

4/4/10 Green Tip of the Day: Save all of the plastic Easter eggs from your egg hunt this year to reuse & refill next year!

4/5/10 Green Tip of the Day: Think leftovers. Instead of bringing dessert on a plate with plastic wrap, consider using a tupperware which can be reused & washed over & over! It’s also a great way to bring home some leftovers for lunch 🙂

4/6/10 Green Tip of the Day: Be more green & healthy! Not only will eating more veggies help your wallet it will also help your health!

4/7/10 Green Tip of the Day: Save up to 30% on inkjet cartridges just by changing the font from Arial to Century. This will be less money you have to spend and less ink cartridges that need to be produced!

4/8/10 Green Tip of the Day: Take a few minutes to read the ingredients of products you are buying, you might just be surprised.

4/9/10 Green Tip of the Day: Spring is here! Get out the rain barrels to start collecting rain for your vegetable gardens and flower beds!

4/10/10 Green Tip of the Day: Meatballs on the menu? Make a huge batch, saving you time & energy since you are cooking them at once! Freeze the rest for meals later on!

4/11/10 Green Tip of the Day: As the weather gets warmer, carry a reusable water bottle around with you instead of using the plastic throw away one serving size bottles. Share your opnion here on the tap vs. bottled water debate!

4/12/10 Green Tip of the Day: Going out to eat for dinner? Choose from over 600 Green Certified Restaurants in the US at Share your favorites here!

4/13/10 Green Tip of the Day: Take a moment to imagine a world without recycling, and think of what might happen down the road!

4/14/10 Green Tip of the Day: Save your old twist ties and reuse them in creative ways, like zipper pulls and to wrap cords.

4/15/10 Green Tip of the Day: Instead of buying a book, check one out at your local library. If they don’t have it, order it from another library.

4/16/10 Green Tip of the Day: Reuse your old egg cartons for seedling starters, golf ball storage and firestarters.

4/17/10 Green Tip of the Day: Avoid toxic toys before you buy them by checking the recall list for dangerous toys.

4/18/10 Green Tip of the Day: If you’re remodeling your home, ceiling fans reduce energy use all year long (even in winter).

4/19/10 Green Tip of the Day: Use Nespresso coffee machines? Reuse old Nespresso coffee pods and make new pods by using this handy guide.

4/20/10 Green Tip of the Day: Drink tea instead of soda. It helps you sleep, and doesn’t use as much transport energy as heavy bottles of soda.

4/21/10 Green Tip of the Day: Getting lots of styrofoam in the mail? Learn how you can reuse styrofoam it instead of tossing it out.

4/22/10 Green Tip of the Day: Turn down the temperature of your hot water heater to 120 degrees or lower & reduce home heating bill by 6-10 percent!

4/23/10 Green Tip of the Day: Shop for meat & poultry: look for USDA Certified Organic label, grass-fed over corn-fed, & a local farmer if possible.

4/24/10 Green Tip of the Day: Need a snack? Help slim your waistline & waste line Replace processed snack foods with whole minimally processed foods.

4/25/10 Green Tip of the Day: We use a plastic bag an average of 12 minutes & then its off to landfill. Use reusable bags instead.

4/30/10 Green Tip of the Day: Use up leftover egg yolks next time you make a recipe with egg whites with these recipe ideas.

Intro image of earth by Bruce Irving on flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

To help save the planet, consider switching to cleaners that are refillable with concentrate liquid, and don’t harm the environment, using reusable paper towels, and earth friendly laundry solutions like soap nuts. You can find these products at today!

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