Earth Friendly Summer Tips – August 2009

beach umbrellasHeat, pools, and travel…those are some of the things we associate with the summer, but what toll do they have on our environment? Learn what you can do to take some small steps towards a greener summer with the August 2009 archive for Green Tip of the Day below.

8/1/09 Green Tip of the Day: Travel green! Look for hotels that encourage guests to use less water & energy.

8/2/09 Green Tip of the Day: Just bag it! Help protect the environment when you shop & use reusable bags!

8/3/09 Green Tip of the Day: Make it a full load! Run your dishwasher only when it’s full. Don’t pre-rinse.

8/4/09 Hang up your towels to dry so you can use them again. Use the sheets more than a night or two.

8/5/09 Green Tip of the Day: Stop over-use of lawn & garden fertilizers as they end up in oceans & create “dead zones”, pollute coastal wetlands & kill corals

8/6/09 Green Tip of the Day: When switching to green products finish up the old products 1st or donate them

8/7/09 Green Tip of the Day: Replace DEET bug spray with all natural alternative.

8/8/09 Green Tip of the Day: Celebrate the summer with an organic fruit smoothie!

8/9/09 Green Tip of the Day: Before vacation unplug the computer, the DVD player, other electronics & turn down the thermostat

8/10/09 Take advantage of remaining summer & take a green vacation!

8/11/09 Green Tip of the Day: Explore treasures in the United States by visiting one of the many National Parks for free!

8/12/09 Green Tip of the Day: Green power = less carbon emissions, reduce air pollution, & protects against scarcity of fossil fuels.

8/13/09 Green Tip of the Day: Reduce excess packaging & create your own 100 calorie snack packs using reusable containers & a bulk package of food !

8/14/09 Green Tip of the Day: Reuse your aluminum foil with these truly innovative ways.

8/15/09 Green Tip of the Day: Use the Cash for Clunkers program to trade in an old, inefficient car, save money, help the earth!

8/16/09 Green Tip of the Day: Deodorize, clean drains, kill weeds, wash fireplaces, deter pests, all with vinegar.

8/17/09 Green Tip of the Day: Buying veggies at a farmer’s market – don’t be shy when asking what type of pesticides have been used in growing.

8/18/09 Green Tip of the Day: When going out for ice cream, pass on the throw away dish & go for a cone = tasty treat with no throwaway!

8/19/09 Green Tip of the Day: Keep old clothes to use as scrap fabrics after washing them to make a quilt, a dog bed or a cat bed.

8/20/09 Green Tip of the Day: When shopping online use ground shipping to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transporting your package.

8/21/09 Green Tip of the Day: For BBQs this summer,  go reusable and use your own (washable) plates, cups, and utensils!

8/22/09 Green Tip of the Day: When using your card at the ATM consider whether you really need the paper receipt. Less receipts=saving trees!

8/23/09 Green Tip of the Day: Visit your local blueberry farm for last minute blueberry picking & make your favorite muffin recipe!

8/24/09 Green Tip of the Day: Plan your laundry schedule around the weather & after washing, hang your clothes to dry-saving $ and energy!

8/25/09 Green Tip of the Day: Consider canning / freezing fresh vegetables and fruits from the farmer’s market to enjoy in the winter months!

8/26/09 Green Tip of the Day: With Fall around the corner, build your plan of where you will have your new compost pile set up & what it will need.

8/27/09 Green Tip of the Day: Encourage one of your friends or family to make the switch from bottled water to filtered water-saving plastic! #green

8/28/09 Green Tip of the Day: Make money while recycling your cellphones, inkjet, laser, & fax cartridge with

8/29/09 Green Tip of the Day: When mowing grass use an old fashioned push mower. No gas, no electricity-just building up good muscle!

8/30/09 Green Tip of the Day: When bagging your leaves this year, be sure to use biodegradable bags or a compost pile vs. traditional plastic bags!

8/31/09 Green Tip of the Day: Sign up for automatic bill pay for cable, electric & gas bills. This will reduce paper & one less bill to think about!

Intro photo of beach umbrellas by Dennis Wong on flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

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