Making Back to School Time Eco Friendly – August 2010

treeIn August, there’s a rush to buy more clothes, books, computers, lunchboxes, and paper as kids head back to school. With all of these buying decisions, it’s important to think of how you can green them up and make more eco friendly purchases. The tips below will help you with some of those buying choices! Read the August 2010 Green Tip of the Day archive here.

8/1/10 Green Tip of the Day: Consider switching to reusable dryer sheets for your health as well as creating less waste!

8/2/10 Green Tip of the Day: Instead of spraying for mosquito’s and contaminating/harming other wildlife and food sources (local farms, etc.) educate yourself on more natural solutions and share them with your town leaders!

8/3/10 Green Tip of the Day: If watering your grass be sure to do it at night so it doesn’t dry out in the sun and will save you water!

8/4/10 Green Tip of the Day: Back to school shopping is right around the corner. Time to clean out the kids toys to make room for the new things!

8/5/10 Green Tip of the Day: Drink tap water over bottled water. Bottled water costs more, takes more energy to create, and to transport. In most circumstances, tap water is cleaner than bottled water.

8/6/10 Green Tip of the Day: Instead of using plastic bags use biodegradable bags which will break down into natural components unlike plastic.

8/7/10 Green Tip of the Day: Looking for a perfume that smells better and is better for you? Consider using an all natural perfume instead!

8/8/10 Green Tip of the Day: Have a baby on the way? Save money and reduce your consumption by only putting the large glass bottles on your registry. When your baby is young you can fill them as you need to. This will reduce the amount of bottles in the house as the smaller ones are only used for a brief period.

8/9/10 Green Tip of the Day: Keep your yard green by keeping plants that are local to your area area. They are best designed to survive with amount of rain you receive, are resistant to local plant diseases and pests, and provide the best food for birds and other animals in your yard.

8/10/10 Green Tip of the Day: When planting in your yard, take watering considerations into mind. Plant all of the plants together-all of the plants that need a lot of water and then the plants that only need a little water. This will help save on water when you tend to them!

8/11/10 Green Tip of the Day: Have leftovers from dinner? Store them in a glass container and never reheat in a plastic tupperware to reduce your exposure to chemicals released when the plastic is heated.

8/12/10 Green Tip of the Day: Help your plantings stay moist and discourage weeds from growing by using mulch around your trees and flowers!

8/13/10 Green Tip of the Day: Reduce the strain on your freezer by keeping it full – it runs more efficiently.

8/14/10 Green Tip of the Day: For small children be aware of buying organic and BPA free toys as they often end up as chew toys 🙂

8/15/10 Green Tip of the Day: Think about using reusable diapers to prevent diapers from decomposing in a landfill. Disposable diapers take up approximately 4% of landfill space, and take hundreds of years to decompose.

8/16/10 Green Tip of the Day: Same money and energy by only using AC for the rooms that you are in. Shut the doors and contain the cool air to the one room instead of trying to cool the entire house!

8/17/10 Green Tip of the Day: Is there Chloroform in your dryer sheets? Switch to reusable dryer sheets and eliminate the chemicals leaching from disposable dryer sheets into your clothes!

8/18/10 Green Tip of the Day: When recycling, be sure to empty your recycle bins in a timely manner to eliminate the build up of cardboard, bottles, jars, cans etc in your house. You will be more likely to recycle if there is room to put it away temporarily!

8/19/10 Green Tip of the Day: Save some of these amazing spices that you are growing for the cold winter season! Put your cut up herbs in an ice cube tray and fill each hole 1/2 way. Then add water on top and you have a spice cube! Keep in mind Basil will turn dark when frozen but other herbs such as parsley freeze perfectly!

8/20/10 Green Tip of the Day: Be conscious of what type of bathroom cleaner you are using. Be sure it is truly organic and all natural as you don’t want to add chemicals into the water system!

8/21/10 Green Tip of the Day: For the items that can’t be composted, recycled, reused or donated, be sure to use biodegradable trash bags instead of plastic ones, as plastic never truly breaks down!

Intro photo of tree by Joiseyshowaa on flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

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