Avoiding Chemicals in Food, Cleaners and Other Products – July 2010

avoiding perfume chemicalsThis month of the Green Tip of the Day, as always, had tidbits about recycling and reusing, but also had some great ideas on avoiding chemicals that could potentially be very bad for you and the environment. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the fragrance we spray all have their negative attributes. For us, they have cancer causing components. For the environment, they could deplete ozone, end up in our water supply, or kill wildlife because of the growing or production process. In this day and age, it’s more important than ever to do your own research on what you put on your body and into it to see where it comes from, what the processes invovle, and how you can find a replacement if need be for that product. This page will help you find some of those alternatives. Listed below is the July 2010 Green Tip of the Day archive. Read up and see what you learn!

7/1/10 Green Tip of the Day: When buying toys for your babies/toddlers, especially teethers, be sure that the item is BPA free, & if it is a wooden teether ensure it isn’t painted with a potentially toxic paint.

7/2/10 Green Tip of the Day: Attending a July 4th cookout this weekend? Stay around after the party and help clean up the trash so it doesn’t contaminate nature!

7/3/10 Green Tip of the Day: Hosting a July 4th party-be sure to set out a mini recycling center for your guests. Including bins for plasticware, plastic bottles, cans, glassware, etc! And be sure to cut your 6-pack rings so no wildlife gets caught!

7/4/10 Green Tip of the Day: When out watching the fireworks tonight be sure to use a DEET free all natural bug spray!

7/5/10 Green Tip of the Day: Recycling getting to be too much in your house? Have your kids help with a summer project of organizing your recycleables and the process you follow. It will make them feel involved and will get you organized!

7/6/10 Green Tip of the Day: To conserve money and energy-when using your AC block off the AC to the rooms that you will be in that day. For example, instead of needing to cool down the entire house, cool down the kitchen and living room.

7/7/10 Green Tip of the Day: When making lunch or dinner consider foods that can be eaten raw (salad, etc) so you don’t waste the energy and create heat in your house by preparing it!

7/8/10 Green Tip of the Day: Have old magazines or books? Donate your books to your local nursing home where they will be much appreciated!

7/9/10 Green Tip of the Day: After going through your old documents & you shred them, save the shredded paper and use it for packing material-whether it be packing for a move or just storing something away for the current time.

7/10/10 Green Tip of the Day: Save your old beer bottles and when you are feeling adventurous make your own beer!

7/11/10 Green Tip of the Day: Farmstands are OPEN! Set a goal of at least one night a week making a meal just based on the food purchased at the farmstand 🙂

7/12/10 Green Tip of the Day: Using a stainless steel water bottle but still want your water to stay cold? Invest in a koozie to slip over the stainless steel container to keep your water cooler longer!

7/13/10 Green Tip of the Day: Thinking of switching to CFL bulbs? Here’s 7 reasons why you should!

7/14/10 Green Tip of the Day: Make the switch to a truly organic perfume! Healthier for you and the environment!

7/15/10 Green Tip of Day: Add a berry to your laundry-Soap Nuts!!! An Earth Friendly Laundry detergent. All natural, better for your family and biodegradable after it is used up. They will leave your clothes smelling fresh and feeling soft with an all natural berry.

7/16/10 Green Tip of the Day: Going to a conference with a bunch of people at work? Set up a carpool meeting at the office (or a closer location) so that you are reducing the amount of cars you have to take!

7/17/10 Green Tip of the Day: Looking for a hard to find product? Instead of driving from store to store, search for the product online. This will save you gas from driving around and reduce your carbon footprint!

7/18/10 Green Tip of the Day: Save paper and use electronic evites for your summer BBQ’s and parties!

7/19/10 Green Tip of the Day: Instead of serving small single servings of lemonade or iced tea at your summer cookout, consider making a large cooler of your choice & serve with reusable cups!

7/20/10 Green Tip of the Day: Review this list of 50 Global Warming Causes and see what you can do to reduce your footprint!

7/21/10 Green Tip of the Day: Instead of buying a notepad to keep next to the phone, recycle paper you already have by cutting it into a manageable size and leaving it next to the phone.

7/22/10 Green Tip of the Day: Be aware of what is in the cleaning products you are using to prevent illnesses linked to these chemicals! Shop www.thegreenerearth.com for all natural alternatives!

7/23/10 Green Tip of the Day: Take time from your day to think about what you can recycle and the consequences of not recycling!

7/24/10 Green Tip of the Day: Set out several rain buckets & use the water to water the grass instead of having to use your hose!

7/25/10 Green Tip of the Day: Instead of switching away from your stainless water bottle in the summer, invest in a koozie which fits over the bottle to keep your water cold!

7/26/10 Green Tip of the Day: Instead of throwing your computer away when it breaks or it’s time to replace it, follow these simple tips on recycling your computer.

7/27/10 Green Tip of the Day: During the hot summer days, always look first for a parking spot in the shade. This will keep your car cooler so it will take less time/energy to cool down!

7/28/10 Green Tip of the Day: Save the packaging from all of your online shopping. After you have a good amount saved offer it for free on craigslist or freecycle.com!

7/29/10 Green Tip of the Day: Have a bunch of VHS tapes laying around? Here are some tips on how to recycle VHS tapes (instead of throwing them away).

7/30/10 Green Tip of the Day: Here are seven of the top things to recycle. Bookmark this page and when you have the opportunity be sure to recycle at least one of the items on the list!

7/31/10 Green Tip of the Day: Make it a goal, once a week to research one of the foods you eat to learn more about them and potential hidden hazards. Start this week with beef and ammonia!

Picture of perfume boxes by Andre Mouraux on flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

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