Green Christmas and Holiday Ideas: December 2009

eco friendly gift wrapThe holidays bring a lot of joy to a lot of people every December. Families get together, exchange gifts, and create lasting memories. One of the things that isn’t necessary for a fun time during the holidays is wastefulness! In fact, you can have an even better holiday season by using natural alternatives that take a little more creativity, but look even better than those throw away store bought decorations, wrapping paper, and disposable utensils. Follow some of these Green Christmas Ideas listed below and see if you can find a few things that can make your holidays a little kinder to the environment!

12/1/09 Green Tip of the Day: Instead of going out & buying all of your gifts, consider gifting homemade gifts including baked goods.

12/2/09 Green Tip of the Day: If All You Want For Christmas Is To Save Landfill Space this blog has very helpful holiday tips.

12/3/09 Green Tip of the Day: Follow some easy holiday tips on how to be more eco conscious this holiday season.

12/4/09 Green Tip of the Day: Use your own bottle! A disposable water bottle takes 6.74 times the amount of water in the water bottle to create it.

12/5/09 Green Tip of the Day: When holiday shopping, keep eco friendly products in mind like reusable water bottles.

12/6/09 Green Tip of the Day: Shopping time is almost up! Top 10 Green Eco Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas.

12/7/09 Green Tip of the Day: Save money lower the heat a few degrees, take advantage of natural body heat & wear sweaters, warm socks & long pants.

12/8/09 Green Tip of the Day: Save 10 gallons of water a day just by following this one easy step!

12/9/09 Green Tip of the Day: Caulk around window frames, door frames & seams on the outside of the house to keep heat in & cold air out (not to mention save money).

12/10/09 Green Tip of the Day: Dial back your thermostat 1 degree cooler during the winter season to help slash your energy bill.

12/11/09 Green Tip of the Day: When decorating your house for the holiday season keep these helpful green holiday tips in mind.

12/12/09 Green Tip of the Day: Consider using natural items to decorate your house for the holidays which decompose outside naturally after.

12/13/09 Green Tip of the Day: Host an eco friendly Christmas party this year, but eliminating paper cups & plates and plastic utensils!

12/14/09 Green Tip of the Day: Instead of sending traditional holiday cards, consider sending an e-card which will save paper & is usually free!

12/15/09 Green Tip of the Day: Save all of the packaging you get when ordering holiday gifts and recycle at your local UPS store or

12/16/09 Green Tip of the Day: Try to incorporate 1 or 2 organic dishes in your holiday dinner & educate people on the importance of organic!

12/17/09 Green Tip of the Day: Christmas morning instead of throwing away all of the plastic, wrapping paper & cardboard boxes be sure to recycle it!

12/18/09 Green Tip of the Day: Consider these 12 green ideas for Christmas from free range turkeys to recycled XMAS cards!

12/19/09 Green Tip of the Day: When bringing a bunch of gifts to a holiday party, bring a reusable bag instead of a trash bag to put them in.

12/20/09 Green Tip of the Day: Reduce the carbon footprint related to snow removal & get some exercise by shoveling instead of using a snow blower!

12/21/09 Green Tip of the Day: If you have a real cut Christmas tree this year put the undecorated in the yard as shelter for local birds after xmas.

12/22/09 Green Tip of the Day: When bringing fudge or cookies to your holiday party pack it in a reusable tin so that it can be washed & reused!

12/23/09 Green Tip of the Day: Save all of your cardboard boxes, wrapping paper and plastics. Recycle everything after the presents are opened!

12/24/09 Green Tip of the Day: If you used gift bags this holiday season, be sure the gift bags are saved for next year & reused again & again!

12/25/09 Green Tip of the Day: Enjoy the holidays with family & friends! Replace traditional candles with soy based candles for extra holiday scent!

12/26/09 Green Tip of the Day: Freeze some of the holiday leftovers in tupperware containers to be stored in the freezer for an easy meal next month!

12/27/09 Green Tip of the Day: When hosting your New Year’s Eve party this year have a green theme & ask your guests to make a green pledge for 2010!

12/28/09 Green Tip of the Day: To reduce paper, file your tax return online this year. Not only will you save paper but you will get a faster refund!

12/29/09 Green Tip of the Day: When ringing in the New Year, replace your regular champagne with a bottle of organic sparkling wine!

12/30/09 Green Tip of the Day: Invest in a reusable bamboo utensil travel set & eliminate the use of plasticware when at work, on the road or traveling.

12/31/09 Green Tip of the Day: When disposing of your Christmas tree, consider green alternatives instead of throwing it in the trash!

Intro photo of eco friendly gift wrap by citymama, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

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