Green Your Way Into Fall – September 2009

night skyWhat’s your plan now that summer is over, schools are back in session, and vacation time has come and gone? For most of us, it’s back to the grind. Back to work, and before you know it, the holidays are here. That’s why the early fall is such an important time of year to cut down on your energy bills and reduce the amount you consume before the more expensive holiday season (it’s also expensive for the environment – those disposable utensils and plates come at a cost!). See if you can reduce your energy load or cut back a little by following the tips from the September 2009 Green Tip of the Day archive below:

9/1/09 Green Tip of the Day: Does your work recycle? If not, work to put in place a recycling system – plastic, paper, etc. It will add up fast!

9/2/09 Green Tip of the Day: Before turning on your AC check the temperature outside. Many people don’t realize how cool it is at night now!

9/3/09 Green Tip of the Day: To save energy & money replace the cordless phones in your house, which are always plugged in, to corded phones.

9/4/09 Green Tip of the Day: When you have to buy paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, etc. be sure to buy recycled paper to save trees!

9/5/09 Green Tip of the Day: When purchasing a new vacuum, consider going with a bagless model to eliminate unneeded waste of a bag.

9/6/09 Green Tip of the Day: For a greener, healthier choice in deodorant, ensure that you are using a brand which is aluminum free #greenliving

9/7/09 Green Tip of the Day: In an older home be sure to follow lead-safe steps – contain the work area, minimize dust &clean up thoroughly.

9/8/09 Green Tip of the Day: Be GREEN on Halloween give your kids reusable Trick or Treat bags for trick or treating instead of plastic.

9/9/09 Green Tip of the Day: Buy in season local autumn veggies in bulk now, can, or freeze vegetables for winter.

9/10/09 Green Tip of the Day: Be sure to open your shades every day to let in the sun as it will naturally heat your house! #greenliving

9/11/09 Green Tip of the Day: If kept in good working order, your appliances should last a long time and not end up as waste before their time.

9/12/09 Green Tip of the Day: Instead of buying all your books & magazines, consider the library or trading w/ friends to save trees & money.

9/13/09 Green Tip of the Day: No school bus? Start a carpool for school with local moms. This will reduce gas used & give you some free mornings!

9/14/09 Green Tip of the Day: Instead of disposable diapers which contain chemicals in the cotton, consider using an organic cotton reusable diaper.

9/15/09 Green Tip of the Day: Be green when doing your fall cleanup & use a rake instead of gas powered / electric leaf blower! Better exercise too!

9/16/09 Green Tip of the Day: Planting grass this fall? Follow these simple steps for an organic lawn.

9/17/09 Green Tip of the Day: Reduce unwanted junk mail & protect personal info-opt out of pre-screened credit offers 1-888-5-OPTOUT 1-888-567-8688

9/18/09 Green Tip of the Day: Help clean up a beach this weekend in support of the Ocean Conservancy’s Coastal Cleanup.

9/19/09 Green Tip of the Day: When going out to eat plan ahead & bring a storage container for leftovers to avoid styrofoam carry out containers!

9/20/09 Green Tip of the Day: For air travel, bring your own reusable cup instead of using the airline’s disposable cups

9/21/09 Green Tip of the Day: Save some green-instead of a gym membership, get active outside and enjoy the world around you as you exercise!

9/22/09 Green Tip of the Day: When cleaning out for your new fall clothes donate your clothes & shoes to those less fortunate, a great way to reuse!

9/23/09 Green Tip of the Day: Kids are back in school! consider walking them to school instead of driving in nice weather Great exercise & save gas!

9/24/09 Green Tip of the Day: Its apple season! Plan a day to take the family apple picking for pie, crisp, chips, salad topping or just baked!

9/25/09 Green Tip of the Day: Reduce plastic bag use more by giving spare reusable bags to someone who doesn’t have any!

9/26/09 Green Tip of the Day: Always turn off the water when brushing your teeth. Reduce your water use impact on the environment!

9/27/09 Green Tip of the Day: Plan out your weekend errands to cover all of your locations in one efficient trip! This will save gas & time!

9/28/09 Green Tip of the Day: On Halloween give out fair trade organic chocolates! Equal Exchange has some great options.

9/29/09  Green Tip of the Day: When waiting for water to heat up in the shower, use a bucket to catch the cold water & use it to water your plants

9/30/09 Green Tip of the Day: Start planning for International Climate Day on October 24. Set up an action page and plan for your day

Night sky photo by Matthew Venn on flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

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