Protect Our Fragile Ecosystem – World Environment Day and World Oceans Day

world oceansJune is  a time of year when life is really at its peak. People are outside enjoying the warm weather, vacations are being planned, and beach days are finally here. It’s also the perfect time to step back and notice some of the things going on in our environment. Tidal pools and backwoods mountain hikes spark the senses, and inspire us to take care of our planet. Getting out there and experiencing our fragile ecosystem first hand will give you time to enjoy nature, but also give you a greater appreciation for what we have, and how we need to keep it green. In the month of June, two major eco themed holidays/remembrance days are planned: World Environment Day and World Oceans Day. With just a little bit of effort, we can do something on those two days to help our planet, whether it’s collecting cans at the beach or making a donation to a respected environmental organization. Read the list below for more ideas on what you can do this month, from the June 2010 Green Tip of the Day archive!

6/1/10 Green Tip of the Day: World Environment Day is coming up on June 5th (Saturday). Make your list of the things you can do to help do your part in protecting the earth! Please feel free to share your ideas here 🙂

6/2/10 Green Tip of the Day: Off to the beach? Be sure to check out the beach water report before you go! Americans take almost two billion trips to the beach every year, but people who swim at the beach sometimes get sick because the water is polluted. The good news is in the state where the beach is located, you can check with the state office to find out about the beach water!

6/3/10 Green Tip of the Day: Hold back on your urge to impulse buy! Wait a day or two after finding something you would like to purchase, to see if it is something you need or something you want. Most likely you will decide that you don’t need it. This saves money and the resources to create new products-including the materials to build it & the energy needed to make it!

6/4/10 Green Tip of the Day: Have a mini pool for the smaller children on those hot days? After pool day is over use the water for your flowers, grass or garden.

6/5/10 Green Tip of the Day: Save yourself some green while saving energy by using ceiling fans in the summer instead of AC. The fans use much less energy and will circulate the air around bringing in the cooler air at night!

6/6/10 Green Tip of the Day: Take one small step to going green by bringing cloth napkins for your family when attending a cookout. This will reduce the amount of paper napkins that are thrown away!

6/7/10 Green Tip of the Day: When something breaks down, instead of running to the store to buy a new one, see if your old one can be fixed! Reducing the amount of “things” we consume will have a positive impact on the environment!

6/8/10 Green Tip of the Day: Today is World Oceans Day! Do your part & spend 30 minutes or more cleaning up your local beach!

6/9/10 Green Tip of the Day: Enjoy the beautiful spring/summer/fall weather & save some money on your gym membership & electricity by exercising outside. Go for a walk or run in your neighborhood!

6/10/10 Green Tip of the Day: Save money & printer ink by printing in draft status! Save your color ink by printing in a grayscale.

6/11/10 Green Tip of the Day: When enjoying cans of soda or beer or any other beverage be sure to cut the rings so that no animals become entangled! You could save a life!

6/12/10 Green Tip of the Day: Switch to refillable cartridges for your printer. This not only saves you money but is much greener!!! Ink refills cost less than buying brand new ink cartridges & you can often find online coupons or discounts for ink refills to get an even better prices!

6/13/10 Green Tip of the Day: When paying your bills, consider using e-checks instead of paper checks-this will eliminate the cost to order checks and reduce your paper consumption!

6/14/10 Green Tip of the Day: Find a store that will allow you to recycle your ink cartridge when it’s empty. Some will even give you either cash back or a store credit for your next purchase!

6/15/10 Green Tip of the Day: Go green for Father’s Day & plan a hike or walk outdoors with Dad to enjoy nature 🙂

6/16/10 Green Tip of the Day: Create your own Earth Day for your street! Organize the neighbors and have a street cleanup for all of the trash that blows into the yards & for the trash that ends up along the sides of your road.

6/17/10 Green Tip of the Day: To save energy, be sure to shut off all appliances and power strips when they are not in use, and there is a silent drain on energy on anything that is left plugged in, even if it isn’t turned on.

6/18/10 Green Tip of the Day: When getting coffee or a quick breakfast to go, only take as many napkins as you need. Don’t just take a stack of napkins because you

might need them!

6/19/10 Green Tip of the Day: Protect yourself this summer with an all natural bug spray and avoid DEET!

6/20/10 Green Tip of the Day: In honor of Father’s Day, select another day during the year to do a green activity with dad. Perhaps some gardening, a hike, exploring local nature, etc. Share your ideas here!

6/21/10 Green Tip of the Day: Go green with your credit card!! Some companies, such as Discover, now offer cards made from a biodegradable substance! Be sure to request yours when the time comes to get your updated card!

6/22/10 Green Tip of the Day: Use fruit from your local farm stand or farmer’s market & make fruit smoothies a part of your summer days!

6/23/10 Green Tip of the Day: If you don’t have a recycling pickup in your neighborhood, plan a neighborhood group for pickups. Everyone can take turns bringing goods to the recycle center, and it will save gas and money as not everyone will have to drive to the center every week!

6/24/10 Green Tip of the Day: Before disposing of old electronics, baby gear, furniture, etc. ask around to see if anyone is interested! If not, contact your local thrift store as they may take your items.

6/25/10 Green Tip of the Day: Collect all of your cans & bottles to recycle & get 5 cents per can / bottle depending on where you live. Sometimes there is even a can / bottle drive in your town to benefit a local organization if you’d like to donate them!

6/26/10 Green Tip of the Day: Green your cookouts this summer by adding at least one reusable item! This could be cloth napkins, reusable utensils or reusable plates. Let us know which one you will be trying out!

6/27/10 Green Tip of the Day: Time to clean out your cabinets and figure out what food you have laying around. Any food that you aren’t going to eat can be donated to a local food pantry. For all of those odds and ends you find, visit to find out what you can make with you what you found!

6/28/10 Green Tip of the Day: Summer is here so be sure to keep up with your cleaning. With the windows open pollen, bugs, etc. my make their way into your home. Of course clean with all natural cleaners to keep your home environment safe for you, your family & your pets!

6/29/10 Green Tip of the Day: Use less energy to cool down your house by shutting all windows and drawing the shades when you leave for work, and when you come home at the end of the day open up your windows and turn on your fan! By leaving everything closed during the day it will keep the sun from beaming into your house keeping it cooler.

6/30/10 Green Tip of the Day: Improve your gas mileage by driving the speed limit. Cars hits their optimal fuel economy at a different speed but generally fuel economy typically decreases rapidly at speeds above 60 mph.

Photo of Spain Coast by Paulo Brandao on flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

What else can you do to help the environment and our ecosystem? Encourage someone else to take action just like you! You can also replace some of the less eco friendly products that you have with more earth friendly alternatives like reusable paper towels, reusable dryer sheets, and reusable shopping bags from Visit today and shop for products for you or a friend!

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