Green Your Lifestyle – May 2010

green grassThere are plenty of ways that you can simplify your life and reduce your impact on the environment. For starters, you can analyze your daily activities. Start with a typical workday, and run through everything that you do. Are there certain aspects that could be made more energy efficient or cost effective? It could be as simple as using reusable utensils at work, or it could be something really substantial like commuting to work. While you’re at home, on the road, or at work, these tips below will help you make a difference in greening your lifestyle. Read below and see if you can get some ideas from the May 2010 Green Tip of the Day archive!

5/1/10 Green Tip of the Day: Cutting your hair? Don’t waste it, reuse your hair and donate it to one of these worthy charities!

5/2/10 Green Tip of the Day: As an alternative to paper planting pots, consider using coconut shells. These are all natural & 100% biodegradable!

5/3/10 Green Tip of the Day: Exercise Green! Now that the nice weather is here, get outside for a walk or run instead of heading to the gym! Not only will you save energy but you will be able to enjoy the fresh air!

5/4/10 Green Tip of the Day: Get to bed an hour earlier and reduce your electricity use, not to mention feel more rested and refreshed!

5/5/10 Green Tip of the Day: Visit your local coffee shop to get used grounds for fertilizing your spring plantings. Starbucks gives away their coffee grounds at no cost!

5/6/10 Green Tip of the Day: As it gets warmer don’t forget your reusable cup for iced drinks this summer! Some places will even give you a discount, so don’t be shy in asking!

5/7/10 Green Tip of the Day: Support locally grown! Start searching for your local farmstand & farmer’s markets. Not only is it better to support the businesses/farmers in your local community but the food is typically much fresher!

5/8/10 Green Tip of the Day: When recycling cardboard ensure that the cardboard is free of food product or it could contaminate the entire truckload & it won’t be able to be recycled.

5/10/10 Green Tip of the Day: Do your part to help clean up the oil spill by providing hair, nylons, wool, etc to aid in the clean up!

5/11/10 Green Tip of the Day: Instead of bagging up your grass clippings & putting them out for the trash, add them to your compost pile and let them break down naturally!

5/12/10 Green Tip of the Day: As you start your big spring clean out, keep in mind which items you would be able to donate rather than just throw away. Local not for profits will accept most usuable items, and if not your local goodwill or thrift store is a great place to bring leftover items!

5/13/10 Green Tip of the Day: Consider buying a higher quality item when shopping so that it has to be replaced less often-creating less waste. Sometimes spending a little bit more will save you big in the long run!!!

5/14/10 Green Tip of the Day: When enjoying your favorite summer treat-Ice Cream, consider supporting an organic ice cream brand!

5/15/10 Green Tip of the Day: Time to wash your summer clothes that you just pulled out of storage? Use soap nuts for a natural alternative to laundry detergent. You’ll end up with a clean smelling load of laundry without all of the harsh chemicals included in traditional laundry detergent!

5/16/10 Green Tip of the Day: When planning a Green baby shower in the spring or summer-consider using potted flowers or spices for decoration instead of something that will be thrown away.

5/17/10 Green Tip of the Day: Going to the beach this summer? Be aware of your surroundings & leave things as you find them. Always carry out what you carry in and be aware of nesting birds & native grasses living on the sand dunes.

5/18/10 Green Tip of the Day: Looking for fertilizer for your summer veggies & spices? Save your old coffee grinds & add it to the soil. You will see amazing results!

5/19/10 Green Tip of the Day: Replace your store bought disposable diaper wipes with a reusable alternative. They are much softer for your baby and of course not loaded with chemicals!

5/20/10 Green Tip of the Day: When you go out for summer ice cream, get a cone instead of a cup so you save the waste of a spoon & the cup!

5/21/10 Green Tip of the Day: Give your clothes dryer a rest & hang your clothes outside to dry in the fresh spring air!

5/22/10 Green Tip of the Day: After mowing the lawn don’t forget to add the grass clippings to the compost pile!

5/23/10 Green Tip of the Day: When buying a toy for the toddler in your life, be sure o research the type of plastic. Recycled plastic is always a green alternative, with some toys made from recycled milk jugs!

5/24/10 Green Tip of the Day: Buy sustainable wood products or use repurposed wood for all of your summer projects. This will reduce the amount of trees that will be cut down!

5/25/10 Green Tip of the Day: This Memorial Day, when attending cookouts remember that reusable dishes, napkins, plates and utensils are the best! If you are looking for a throw away alternative, use a biodegradable option.

5/26/10 Green Tip of the Day: Help fight Climate Change-here are 50 ways you can reduce climate change today.

5/27/10 Green Tip of the Day: Invited to a cookout this summer? Bring your own utensils and reusable cup to the party to reduce plastic use and your BPA intake!

5/28/10 Green Tip of the Day: Keep this list of things you can reuse handy this summer & start reusing things you have around the house! Pass it on to friends & family too!

5/29/10 Green Tip of the Day: List #2-after reusing everything you can, be sure to recycle as much as possible!

5/30/10 Green Tip of the Day: Of course the first step before recycling what you use or reusing what you have it to reduce the amount of things you consume!

5/31/10 Green Tip of Day: When fending off the bugs from your cookout this summer be sure to use a natural bug spray!

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