Have a Green November – November 2009

pumpkin close upFall is a great time of year. The air is cooler, drier, and more comfortable. The month rewards us with Thanksgiving at the end of the month, and we also get to see th eend of fall foliage season in many parts of the world. As the leaves fall, we often have to use new resources to stay warm, cook foods, or give gifts. This November, why not try to implement a few of these energy saving and resource saving techniques to help curb your spending and help the environment at the same time? Read the November Green Tip of the Day archive below for some ideas.

11/1/09 Green Tip of the Day: When you are done with the holiday pumpkins & gords dont forget to add them to your compost pile instead of the trash!

11/2/09 Green Tip of the Day: To eliminate the use of take out containers, try to make your favorite meals at home. You will get more for your money, too.

11/3/09 Green Tip of the Day: Install a drain water waste heat recovery system DOE study showed energy savings of 25% – 30% for water heating.

11/4/09 Green Tip of the Day: Repair leaky faucets promptly; a leaky faucet wastes gallons of water in a short period of time.

11/5/09 Green Tip of the Day: Encourage your hometown & state to spend road construction funds on newer, clean diesel equipment & cut air pollution

11/6/09 Green Tip of Day: Give “green” gifts this holiday season! Select from a variety of reusables, cleaners, soaps & more www.TheGreenerEarth.com

11/7/09 Green Tip of the Day: Make the switch to reusable dryer sheets to eliminate static without chemicals! www.TheGreenerEarth.com

11/8/09 Green Tip of the Day: Shred your junk mail and use it for packing away your breakables & glass decorations & ornaments.

11/9/09 Green Tip of the Day: Double up on your baking! Make double batches to conserve oven heat and save energy.

11/10/09 Green Tip of the Day: Installing fixtures in your outside front door lights that use CFBs can reduce energy consumption by about 75%.

11/11/09 Green Tip of the Day: Computer Standby & Sleep to idle your computer when not in use greatly reduces poweruse & it will be ready when needed.

11/12/09 Green Tip of the Day: Instead of using a traditional clothes dryer, try a drying rack which consumes no energy!

11/13/09 Green Tip of the Day: Have your kids assist in your winter clean out, by selecting old toys that they can donate to those less fortunate!

11/14/09 Green Tip of the Day: Protect yourself & your family and stay away from mercury in tuna fish & other big sea fish like shark & swordfish.

11/15/09 Green Tip of the Day: Reduce stress on your body from shoveling & leave the snow blower inside this winter by adding light cardio to the day.

11/16/09 Green Tip of the Day: A seven day programmable thermostat is a great way to lower your energy bills & reduce greenhouse emissions.

11/17/09 Green Tip of the Day: To save energy & reduce the phantom energy load plug into a power strip & shut off the power strip when you are done!

11/18/09 Green Tip of the Day: Dispose of paint properly by using it up, donating it, or recycling it.

11/19/09 Green Tip of the Day: Collect fallen pine cones from outside & stock up to make natural bird feeders and ornaments.

11/20/09 Green Tip of the Day: End of the year is coming dont forget to take advantage of energy improvements which you can deduct on your tax return.

11/21/09 Green Tip of the Day: Start saving your old newspapers & comics to use for wrapping paper this holiday season!

11/22/09 Green Tip of the Day: Grow your spices inside this winter, including basil, oregano, rosemary, & you will be able to make an amazing sauce!

11/23/09 Green Tip of the Day: Make your Thanksgiving meal more eco-friendly this year by following these 20 ways.

11/24/09 Green Tip of the Day: After Thanksgiving dinner is over remember to add the food scraps to your compost pile & for fresh dirt in the spring!

11/25/09 Green Tip of the Day: Looking for an eco-friendly gift for this holiday season? Organic facial care is a must for everyone.

11/26/09 Green Tip of the Day: Planning your next family vacation? Consider one the great National Parks.

11/27/09 Green Tip of the Day: If your leftovers are excessive from Thanksgiving, package them in tupperware & store in the freezer for future dinner.

11/28/09 Green Tip of the Day: To maintain fresh air in your house throughout the winter months, open the windows on mild days for short periods.

11/29/09 Green Tip of the Day: Eliminate your use of ziploc bags for lunch & replace them with a reusable sandwich bags!

11/30/09 Green Tip of the Day: As the holidays are upon us, here is a great reference for 20 ways to reuse gift wrap!

Intro photo of pumpkin by Teo on flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

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