How to Recycle Your Old Books

by Danielle on August 4, 2010

booksWe all have old books lying around the house, some of which we probably don’t need and might get rid of at some point. The great thing about books is that someone could always use them. If they are outdated, than that means they are a collectors item or are on their way to becoming one. If you have a bunch of old books in your home, there are plenty of ways that you can try to recycle them.

8 Ways to Recycle Your Old Books

  1. Donate your old books to a local shelter, hospital, or senior center. These places could always use new reading material.
  2. Sell the books on Amazon. Set up an account (it’s really simple) and list your books for sale. Price them to move and you’re sure to get some money for those books.
  3. Sell them on Ebay. Sometimes Ebay fetches more (sometimes less) money than Amazon. Check the recent completed items to see recent ended items.
  4. Give childrens books to friends that are having babies. You can never have too much reading material for knowledge hungry minds!
  5. Use old comic books to wrap Christmas presents for your family. A unique, eco friendly touch kids will love!
  6. Donate them to a local library.
  7. Sell them at a yard sale, where you could also get rid of other clutter that’s been driving you nuts.
  8. Call a local school to see if they need books. School libraries and classroom libraries are always in need of books.

Why Should You Recycle Your Old Books?

Books will end up in a landfill, like most everything else that’s thrown into your trash. While pages of books are usually biodegradable, sometimes they aren’t. Glossy pages take longer to biodegrade, book bindings take a long time, and magazines contain printer inks that shouldn’t be thrown into the environment. Whenever possible, you should use the above 8 steps to get recycle your old reading material. If you cannot reuse them in those ways, then try recycling them by ripping the pages out of the book and recycling those pages with the rest of your paper recyclables. The binding might be tough to find another use for, but at least you’ll be recycling the biggest part, the paper itself.

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