Reusable Produce Grocery Bags

by Danielle on July 26, 2010

reusable produce bagsWhen it comes to going reusable, there aren’t just reusable grocery bags anymore. Nope, now you can also eliminate plastic waste in the grocery store by bringing your own reusable produce bags.  It’s important to note some of the advantages of using reusable produce grocery bags, and what’s in it for the environment.

First of all, for you, there actually are a few small benefits. By going reusable, you’ll be able to store your vegetables inside the bags for a couple of days (longer periods of times aren’t recommended since all fruits and veggies release gases that start to decompose the fruit/vegetable in a matter of days). A fabric bag will let the produce breathe, instead of keeping the produce confined in a chemically created plastic material. These can be easily stored in your purse or inside one of your reusable bags.

Where the true benefits kick in are with the environment. The cons of using plastic bags have been blogged, chronicled, and have even been on your local news station. In case you missed those points, in a nutshell, it’s that:

  • Plastic bags kill animals. They suffocate by swallowing the bags (they cannot pass the bags from their system), or birds become entrapped within bags.
  • Plastic uses petroleum, a limited resource. Every time a plastic bag is created, oil needs to be refined and created first.
  • They keep us dependent on foreign oil.
  • Plastic bags use energy in the production process to create them. That’s more energy, oil, water, and transportation energy.
  • Plastic bags release harmful contaminants and pollutants into the air every time they are created, increasing greenhouse gases and contributing to climate change
  • Plastics have been ending up in our oceans, lakes, streams, rivers, and water supplies. They never truly break down, and will be with us forever. Plastic bags have already taken a huge toll on ocean wildlife in an offshore man made trash island called the Pacific Garbage Patch.

If you’re ready to take the jump to reusable produce bags, then visit today to pick up a bundle of them for you (and maybe one for someone else in your family). One more thing: these bags don’t add any weight to the scale.

If you’re looking for other ways to reduce your dependence on plastic bags, be sure to read this page on an alternative to plastic trash bags and this post on how to reuse things.

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